NOTICE: The Clickwheel digital comic service has now ceased to operate

The Clickwheel digital comics service has now ceased to operate. This has been replaced, however, with a new and improved web-based outlet, this offers purchases of both web-based digital subscriptions, as well as individual Progs and Megs (and a large number of 2000 AD Specials and graphic novels), with issues downloadable in the same high-quality (DRM-free) PDF and CBZ formats as Clickwheel.

The new service can be accessed by registering and logging into the Rebellion ID User Portal. If you are an existing Clickwheel user, please register, where possible, with the same email address that you have used for Clickwheel.

Existing Clickwheel digital entitlements

If you have previously purchased a subscription or single issues from Clickwheel, you should have already received notification emails about the transition to the new service, and what you needed to do to ensure that your existing digital entitlements and subscription information get carried over. If you don't see all your Clickwheel purchases and/or subscription information on the Rebellion ID User Portal just yet, please try again later. If they continue not to be listed, please contact

If, however, you haven't been able to follow those instructions yet, we can still transfer your digital entitlements, but you will now need to contact, please include details of the email address that you were registered with on Clickwheel, and the email address that you have registered with on the Rebellion ID User Portal, if different.

NB: Some older Progs and Megs (prior to 2009) may currently be unavailable to download, but these will be added soon, and if you have previously purchased such issues, they will be added to your entitlements on the new service, once available.

Benefits of the new service

Benefits of the new service include:

  • Cross-platform availability of purchased content, at no extra charge i.e. Progs, Megs and other digital content purchased through the new service (as part of a subscription, or otherwise), as well as being downloadable via the Web, are also automatically available to view, for example, through our iOS and Android 2000 AD apps, using the same login.
  • Digital subscriptions to the Judge Dredd Megazine are also available, not just subscriptions to 2000 AD
  • A more modern and easier to navigate interface, with a design more similar to our 2000 AD iOS and Android apps

We will be adding additional features and functionality over time.

If you have any other queries about the transition, please contact: